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Basic Things to Consider in Home Buying

Camella Crestwood


Are you seriously considering moving out and living on your own?

After having worked for more than 5 years now, I think it’s time that I get my own place. I have been renting during those 5 years because that time, I was just starting out and my salary could barely meet my personal needs, let alone pay for a mortgage.

Now that I am stable with my job, and at least afford some extra luxuries, I think it’s time to do some long-term investment: I want my own house.

I have been contemplating on it and have been reading a lot about the processes involved in buying a house, so, for the first-time home buyers like me, I’m gonna share with you some basic things to consider:

  1. Location – This is really, really important. Are there no fault lines in the area? Is it not flooded? Also, is it near schools, hospitals and medical centers, churches, shopping malls and leisure centers, government institutions, transportation hubs and main access roads? Unless you’re in hiding and you want to live in a secluded place, you wouldn’t consider this.
  2. Convenience and accessibility – How near is it from your workplace? Is there a public transport you can take to get to your work? Or if you’re driving, is it too far that you will spend so much on gas and toll fees? If it’s very far, then I would think twice. Are there facilities or infrastructures that will make your life easier, a grocery store within the community perhaps?
  3. Safety and Security – How’s the peace and order in the area? Is it a gated community? If it is, are there CCTVs? Are there round-the-clock guards that will ensure your security?
  4. Investment-worthy – Can the house last a lifetime? Are the houses built with quality materials? Is it a profitable investment? After just a few years, will the value of the land appreciate or depreciate? If there are ongoing infrastructure developments and a lot of businesses developing in the area, it’s a good sign that your investment will appreciate in value over time. As more communities are developed, the land value likewise increases, propelling your home investment to profit.
  5. Affordability – Once you ticked all the four items above, the question is: Can you afford it? Are there financing schemes that the developer can offer to make it a little lighter in the pocket?

Camella, Vista Land’s subsidiary catering to the mid-market segment of Vista Land, has been in the business of providing homes for Filipinos for 40 years. They have built an immense selection of affordable, high-quality homes with world-class settings and exquisitely themed communities across the country. To date, they have built more than 300,000 homes and they maintain a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 36 other key provincial destinations and 95 cities and municipalities.

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