My Inspirations for My Dream House

When I have idle time, I love to browse on different designs of houses and their interiors. Here are some of my favorites!


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**I got the photos randomly from Interior Designing page in Facebook.



What do you feed your mind with?

What do you feed your mind with?

We just don’t have to be aware of our words and actions, but first and foremost, we have to be aware of what we feed our minds.

Whites for Lazy Days or Not-so-Lazy Days

Whenever I’m having a hard time deciding which outfit to wear in the office, in a meeting or in a not-so-formal-but-not-so-casual occasion, I always go for my whites!

I love them ‘coz they’re so versatile! You can wear them from your morning work ’til night when you still have to meet your friends. Just roll those long sleeves, and voila! You’re ready for a casual-or-not-so-casual dinner.

I also love my blacks, but during summer season, like right now, when we get an average of 34 degrees Celsius here in the Philippines, it would be impractical to wear black.

Lately, I noticed my whites have become “dirty whites”. Haha! So I thought I need to do some shopping! Before hitting the mall, I googled for some new designs for white tops. And these ones I love!


Whites for lazy or not-so-lazy days!


Possible or Impossible?

Possible or Impossible?

I’m so excited to witness the “largest flaming image” which will unfold on April 14, 2014 in Savannah City, Oton, Iloilo. This image will be formed at the “Light of Peace 2014” event by at least 100,000 people from different sectors of the society. Possible or impossible? Will the Philippines mark another Guinness World Record? Well, let’s see. Be part of this history! See you there! 🙂 Book your flight already because it’s happening less than a month from now!

Be a Light of Peace!

Be a Light of Peace!

“Light of Peace in the Philippines” is slated on April 14, 2014 at Savannah City, Oton, Iloilo. It aims to raise awareness and celebrate “World Peace through Inner Peace” by gathering at least 100,000 people from different sectors of society who will meditate together for individual inner peace. The event is also an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest flaming image using candles. Let’s see if the Philippines can break the record! I’ll be there! Will you? See yah!

Can one really retire from public service?


Roofs were blown away by the supertyphoon

Roofs were blown away by the supertyphoon

The Philippine Science High School-Eastern Visayas Campus was not spared by supertyphoon Yolanda and left it shattered and roofless.

After the repair of the school

After the repair of the school

But thanks to former senator, now Vista Land Chairman, Manny Villar who shouldered the repair of the school by providing the roofing materials (right photo). Now, the school is getting back on its feet!

Producers’ Market at Evia!

Producers' Market at Evia!

Shopping for fruits and veggies? Who doesn’t want something fresh, right? Come here at Evia and sure you’ll get the freshest ones…straight from the farm!